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    Three significant events inspired me to take up legal arms as a personal injury attorney. The first two – the auto accident that left my older sister severely disabled, and my years as a rehabilitation counselor – revealed first-hand what physically and mentally happens to a person who is involved in an auto, motorcycle or job-related accident.

    And then there was my eye-opening tenure working as a defense attorney for an insurance company. I discovered just how heartless the big insurers were when it was their responsibility to do the right thing for the injured. I witnessed their well-rehearsed tactics, how they delayed, denied and purposefully worked to frustrate anyone who brought suit against them. They were merciless then, they’re merciless today, and they definitely are not on your side.

    It angered me deeply, so I opened my Reno personal injury and workers’ compensation law office in 2002. In addition to providing expert legal guidance, I made a personal commitment to my clients and my staff to personally oversee and meet with our clients as we managed their cases.

    My close involvement with you and your case not only distinguishes my firm, but as my client, you’ll find that my practice of hands-on management gives you a greater sense of confidence and security. You’ll receive timely progress updates on the development of your case, which helps to greatly reduce your stress, as well.

    As your personal injury attorney, my team and I dig in and leverage our years of skill and experience in fully protecting your rights. We work hard to see that you receive the care and financial compensation that is legally yours. And we are committed to bringing to trial those cases where a fair settlement cannot be reached.

    When not representing clients, I can be found in Carson City, advising lawmakers in the Nevada State Legislature on numerous issues important to worker’s rights.

    Additionally, I have been honored to speak before the Washoe County Bar Association, the Nevada Justice Association and the People’s Law School on worker’s compensation issues.

    Finally, I’ve written a collection of articles for The Advocate, a journal written by attorneys for attorneys on various civil practice (personal Injury) topics. I look forward to discussing your case. Please email me or call and schedule a free consultation. (775) 337-0300

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