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Bassinet Recall: Fall and Entrapment Risks

Posted on September 07, 2020
Bassinet Recall: Fall and Entrapment Risks

Furniture manufacturer DaVinci is recalling bassinets because of fall land entrapment risks. It is the second recall since they were initially recalled in December 2019.

The Risks of Using DaVinci Bassinets

DaVinci, headquartered in Pico Rivera, California, issued a second recall of nearly 3,300 DaVinci Baily bassinets in July. The bassinets, which were sold throughout North America, were originally recalled  in December because the support legs were prone to break, posing a fall risk for babies.

The reason for the most recent recall is another design flaw that can cause personal injury. Specifically, the bassinet’s mattress support can disengage, posing fall and entrapment risks for babies.

The recall comes after DaVinci received 13 reports of the mattress support becoming disengaged, but there were no reported injuries as a result of the faulty design.

Four DaVinci Bailey bassinet models were recalled:

  • Gray (M0934G)
  • Espresso (M0934E)
  • Natural (M0934N)
  • White (M0934W)

The “0934” portion of the model number is printed on packaging and products, appearing on both the external product package and the mattress support board. Each model has a height of 30 inches, a length of 38 inches, and a width of 20 inches, weighing in at around 21 pounds. All bassinets also came with one-inch waterproof cradle pads. Customers could clearly identify DaVinci bassinets based on the “DaVinci” logo, which is printed on the product packaging as well as on the product registration card and instruction manual.

Customers were able to purchase these bassinets online through online retailers including,,, and The retail price came in at around $110 and the units were sold between August 2018 and September 2019. 

What Customers Should Do During the Recall

Returning the bassinets isn’t necessary at this time. Individuals who had purchased one of the defective DaVinci products were instructed to immediately cease using the product and contact DaVinci, which would supply a free repair kit to help ensure the mattress is secured to the bassinet. Until they receive the repair kit, customers are advised to use another piece of furniture that’s safe for infants, including cribs or other products featuring safe designs that prevent the risk of falls or entrapment.

DaVinci has worked to contact each customer to provide additional details about the recall and the steps they should take while awaiting their repair kit. Customers can also call the company or visit their website for more information.