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Dog Bite Injuries Rise During the Holidays

Posted on August 22, 2016
Dog Bite Injuries Rise During the Holidays

During the holiday season, dog bite injuries often rise due to the increased number of visitors to one’s home. Dog bites can cause serious injuries that result in personal injury lawsuits with a dog bite lawyer, so dog owners must be vigilant in protecting visitors from harm.

Holiday Dog Bite Injuries

Changes in routine and other occurrences that create stress for a dog can lead to agitated behavior patterns and injuries that require a dog bite lawyer if a personal injury lawsuit is filed. During the holiday season, pet owners are busier than usual decorating the house, shopping for gifts, and visiting friends and relatives. Schedule changes often result in changes to a dog’s daily routine of exercise, trips to the dog park, and personal attention. Frequent visitors to the house and holiday parties can make dogs anxious and nervous, especially with young children who may pull the dog’s tail or create sudden noises. Young children, especially under the age of nine, are frequent targets of dog bites and most are bitten by a dog they know.

Preventing Injuries from Pets

Pet owners hosting holiday parties are responsible for the safety of their guests. They must pay close attention to any signs that may suggest a potential dog bite. Dogs often tuck their tails between their legs, place their ears in pinned-back positions, or crouch when walking if they are scared or stressed.

Dog bite injuries during the holidays most often occur when a dog is off-leash or is not properly supervised. With holiday visitors and parties, it may be difficult to supervise the family dog in the house. It may be best to keep the dog in a secured room or board the dog at a doggie day care facility during a holiday party. Dogs are animals, and even the gentlest, best-trained dogs can decide to bite when they feel anxious or threatened.

If there is more than one dog, serious injuries may occur. Due to stress, the dogs may exhibit more aggression with one another during the holiday season. They may compete for food and treats, attention, and even sleeping areas. If one dog’s behavior changes, the other dogs may feel increased stress. By nature, dogs are social animals that are sensitive to changes in their normal routines and stressful situations in their environment. To prevent dog bite injuries, it’s important to pay attention to a dog’s behavior.