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What Happens When A Dog Bites the Owner?

Posted on November 25, 2016
What Happens When A Dog Bites the Owner?

Dog bites can cause serious injury and death, and commonly the victim is the owner or an acquaintance of the owner. Medical costs associated with a dog bite can be very high. Owners may not understand that they may be responsible for paying medical bills when their dog bites someone else. Questions and concerns after an incident should be addressed with a dog attack lawyer.

When the Family Pet Bites

Around two percent of the population in the United States are bitten by dogs each year, or around 4.5-4.7 million people. Many of these bites involve children.

77% of dog bites are from a family pet or an animal belonging to family or friends. Around 50% of attacks occur on the dog owner’s property. Animals that behave aggressively can be a risk for owners and other animals and people who live in the home or who may visit.

When a family pet bites, owners should try to remain calm and assess the situation. Anyone who has been bitten by a family pet should seek medical attention, depending on the location and severity of the bite and the age of the victim.

There is no dog bite statute in Nevada. Visitors who are bitten by a dog may seek compensation on the ground of negligence, strict liability laws, or “one bite” laws. A dog owner should consult a dog bite lawyer if a family pet has bitten a visitor.

Injuries that Dog Bites Can Cause

Animal bites, most of which are dog bites, make up about one percent of annual visits to the emergency room. Dog bites can be harmful if not properly treated.

Dogs may be infected with parvovirus or the rabies virus, and anyone bitten by an animal should be tested unless the vaccination schedule of the animal in question is available. Bites can cause bacterial infections that can be fatal if untreated. These medical costs can be very high, and a dog attack lawyer can help protect the rights of the victim.

Why Dogs Bite

Dogs may become aggressive for many reasons. A dog may attack if it:

  • Feels challenged by another animal or a human for food and water
  • Senses a possible attack on human or animal companions
  • Is afflicted with sickness or injury
  • Fails to recognize fear or insecurity in another animal or human
  • Sees a target exhibiting prey behaviors, such as running away
  • Shows threatening body language