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Did You Slip and Fall in a Reno Hotel?

Posted on December 21, 2018
Did You Slip and Fall in a Reno Hotel?

Hotels have a duty of care to guests that includes protecting them from slip and fall injuries. When hotels fail to properly maintain their properties and repair known defects, they negligently place guests at risk of injury. When this happens, they can be held liable by slip and fall lawyers for the personal injuries and expenses those injuries create. From the parking lot and the lobby to the hotel room and spa facilities, there are many slip and fall hazards in hotels.

Slips and Falls in Hotels

Slips and falls are common in Reno hotels. Common causes of slip and fall injuries include slips that occur around swimming pools as well as those that occur on icy sidewalks or within parking lots and parking garages. Guests can also trip over damaged carpeting or within bathrooms that do not have adequate slip protection in place. Causes of slips and falls can include uneven or damaged stairs, debris in the hallway, or improperly cleaned flooring surfaces in hallways, lobbies, and public areas. Slips and falls are common throughout the year, but the risks increase in the spring and winter when water and ice are present.

Nevada Law and Guest Rights

Nevada law considers guests within hotels as “Invitees.” As such, hotels have an obligation to thoroughly inspect their property for potential dangers and to promptly and correctly repair any defects or damage that is discovered. This duty also requires hotel staff to place “off limits” areas where hazards are present, to place clearly visible signage notifying guests of potential hazards, and to keep these areas off limits until the slip and fall hazard has been removed or repaired.

When hotels fail to adequately protect guests from injury, Reno slip and fall lawyers can pursue liability claims against those responsible. This can include the hotel, management, or any third party service that was hired to perform maintenance, cleaning, or construction tasks. As with all injury cases, it is crucial to thoroughly document the injury and the causes. As such, people who are injured should take plenty of photographs, preserve their medical records and receipts, and document communications with hotel staff. This information can be used by a slip and fall attorney in court to establish the actions of the hotel and the subsequent impact the injury has had on the individual’s finances, work, and quality of life.