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    If you or a loved one is a ranch worker who has sustained significant work related injuries that result in disability or death, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits or other types of financial compensation. Since the laws surrounding ranch worker injuries in Nevada are complex, we recommend you contact Raji Rai-Nielsen and her team as soon as possible after your accident to receive a FREE case evaluation to determine the types of injury claims that are applicable to your situation. You could receive financial compensation for lost wages and future earnings potential, medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of function, loss of consortium, and funeral costs.

    Benefits Available for Injured Ranch Workers

    While the laws governing workers’ compensation and agricultural workers vary from state to state, Nevada does not require farm and ranch employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. Many employers, however, choose to carry workers’ compensation anyway in order to protect their assets. If you are a ranch worker who has been injured on the job, one of the first steps in determining which types of compensation you may be entitled to is to find out if your employer offers workers’ compensation insurance coverage. It is important to remember, however, that even if a workers’ compensation claim can be filed, there may be other types of claims that are available to you as well.

    Personal injury claims can often be pursued when injured ranch workers are not covered by workers’ compensation. In some situations, filing a personal injury claim can be even more beneficial to the injured party than a regular workers’ compensation claim. While workers’ compensation is limited to only a portion of your lost wages and does not cover certain types of damages like pain and suffering, a personal injury claim is not limited and offers more comprehensive recovery.

    If your injuries were caused by equipment, we will investigate every aspect surrounding your injury to determine if a product liability claim can be filed. Accidents are eligible for product liability claims when equipment is defective, when warning stickers and appropriate guards are absent, or when the design of the equipment causes an injury.

    Recover Financial Compensation for Your Ranch Worker Injuries

    Our firm is committed to helping victims like you obtain the compensation that is rightfully yours. We will investigate all aspects surrounding your injuries, determine who the responsible parties are, and help you pursue workers’ compensation and other types of claims to ensure you receive the maximum compensation from anyone who should be held accountable. Contact Raji Rai-Nielsen today for a FREE, no obligation case evaluation to determine the benefits you may be entitled to. Remember, you never need to pay for our services unless we win your case.