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    If you work in the trucking industry, you are likely exposed to a myriad of hazardous conditions while on the job. In addition to the intense pressure to perform your job duties in the quickest manner possible, the physical demands of your job put you at a high risk for sustaining on the job injuries caused from such things as heavy lifting and repetitive stress. Unfortunately, when truckers experience workplace injuries, they can be severe, often causing permanent impairments and even death. Our law firm can help you and your family members obtain maximum financial compensation for serious injuries sustained while on the job.

    Compensation Can Be Received for a Wide Variety of Truck Driver Injuries

    As a workplace injury attorney, I understand that a severe truck driver injury can result in significant time away from work in addition to the pain, suffering and medical expenses you and your family will endure after an accident has occurred. Our firm provides compassionate, yet aggressive legal representation for truckers who have suffered all types of work-related injuries. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the most common types of injuries experienced by truckers include:

    • Sprains and strains (approximately 50% of truck driver injuries)
    • Bruises, fractures, cuts and lacerations, soreness and pain
    • Overexertion
    • Multiple traumatic injuries

    Work-Related Accidents Occur Both On and Off the Road

    While OSHA reports that an estimated 475,000 large trucks are involved in traffic accidents that result in more than 5,000 fatalities each year, with 23 percent of those deaths being occupants of large trucks, working in the trucking industry puts you at risk for suffering serious injuries due to other hazards as well.

    Loading and Unloading Accidents

    Truckers often experience serious injuries while loading or unloading their trucks. Heavy lifting can result in severe back, neck and shoulder injuries. Tripping over obstacles or slipping on wet or icy ground can result in a variety of serious injuries as well. Our dedicated, hands-on approach can help you receive workers’ compensation for injuries suffered while loading or unloading your truck, and in some cases, we can help you pursue third party claims as well.

    Defective Product Injuries

    Defective products cause an astonishing number of truck driver injuries each year. Whether you have been injured due to a defective vehicle part, a dangerous product such as a tire, or even inadequate truck maintenance, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Our firm will pursue a claim to hold the parties who are responsible for your injuries financially liable.

    What Could Your Claim Be Worth?

    Contact Raji Rai-Nielsen today for a free consultation to discover what your work injuries may be worth. Our firm is dedicated to helping clients like you obtain maximum financial compensation for truck driver injuries.