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The Daily Risks Construction Workers Face

Posted on October 13, 2016
The Daily Risks Construction Workers Face

Construction workers face dangerous work conditions every day. Falls from heights, close proximity to fast moving equipment, inadequate safety protections, and many other factors cause hundreds of deaths, and thousands of serious injuries every year.

The “Fatal Four” of Construction

In 2014, 899 construction workers died on the job. This represents 20% of all workplace fatalities in the United States. Of these, 57% of construction-related fatalities were caused by falls, electrocution, being struck by objects on the construction site, or being crushed between vehicles, material loads, or machinery.

Those who work in specialty trades such as laying foundations and concrete workers account for 48% of fatalities. These are followed by those who work on utilities, within sewers, building roads/bridges, or working on oil rigs. These workers account for 17% of fatalities.

16% of fatalities are suffered by construction workers who specialize in building homes, commercial structures, or remodeling. A further 12% of fatalities occur to workers responsible for plumbing, electricity, and HVAC services. Finally, 7% of fatalities happen to finishing contractors such as painters and floor finishers.

In addition to fatalities, tens of thousands more workers are seriously injured while building roads, cleaning sewers, constructing homes, etc.

Frequently Cited Safety Violations

Construction companies and crews can be cited by OSHA for safety violations that put workers at risk of injury or death. The most commonly cited violations include:

  • Inadequate or Missing Fall Protection
  • Improperly Constructed or Secured Scaffolding
  • Incorrectly Connected or Secured Electrical Equipment
  • Malfunctioning Ladders or Other Equipment
  • Deficiencies in Vehicular Control, Maintenance, or Operation

In an effort to reduce injuries and fatalities, OSHA has stepped up enforcement efforts. Companies can be cited for failing to place guards over holes in the floor, not installing guard rails, hand railings, and toe-boards to elevated platforms. Companies may also be cited for failing to provide safety harnesses. protective eye equipment, and nets.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Construction Workers in Nevada

Workers in Nevada are eligible to receive benefits and compensation for their injuries. A workers’ compensation attorney can help file claims for medical treatment, rehabilitative care, and both permanent and temporary disability. Survivors of workers who are killed on the job, or die as the result of a work-related injury may also file claims for wrongful death. As with all claims, it is necessary to thoroughly document the causes of the incident and the long-term consequences the incident has caused for the worker.