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Injured in a Slip & Fall at Camp?

Posted on August 20, 2019
Injured in a Slip & Fall at Camp?

Negligent behavior by camp counselors and others responsible for supervising children can result in serious slip and fall accidents. Failing to maintain facilities and neglecting to provide safety equipment are the most common causes of slip and fall accidents. Most accidents and the injuries they cause are preventable and parents can pursue compensation from those who are responsible.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Summer camp is a land of excitement for children. Young and in a hurry, they are not likely to notice the broken tile or water puddles along the edges of the swimming pool. They may not see the loose plank along the walkway, or the uneven step they gallop over to catch up with friends along the trail. Childhood exuberance can blind children to the dangers; however, it doesn’t absolve adults of the responsibility of removing these and other dangers before they can cause injury.

Other causes of slip and fall accidents at summer camp can include engagement in contact sports such as football or field hockey without proper footwear, helmets, and pads. There is also improper use of climbing equipment such as rock walls that frequently cause injuries. Other risks are more mundane and include poor trail and facility maintenance. Children can suffer slip and fall accidents while boating, hiking, or even while utilizing dining and shower facilities. There are many hazards around any summer camp, but counselors and camp operators have a responsibility to shield children from any hazards they may encounter. 

Counselor Training is Critical

Many camp counselors are young and poorly trained. They lack the skills and experience required to properly supervise children. Many times, they are tasked with monitoring far more children at a time than is safe. Few understand that they have a responsibility to report unsafe behaviors and safety hazards. It is quite common for counselors to lack adequate training in the use of safety equipment that is designed to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Protecting Kids from Harm

Parents can proactively protect their children by thoroughly researching the reputation and safety record of their child’s summer camp. Parents should be alert for staff to children ratios, poor facility maintenance, and inadequate training. When warning signs are present, parents should not ignore them and should instead choose to send their child to another camp.