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Don’t Get Burned this Thanksgiving

Posted on November 17, 2020
Don’t Get Burned this Thanksgiving

Facts About Fires on Thanksgiving

The following are some facts to keep in mind when it comes to fires on Thanksgiving Day, which are from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):

  • Home cooking fires take place most often on Thanksgiving Day, ahead of the day before Thanksgiving along with Christmas Day and Eve.
  • The leading cause of cooking fires and deaths resulting from fires in 2017 was unattended cooking.
  • Cooking equipment was found to be involved in nearly half of the fires that occurred that year.

Considering these findings, it’s important to practice safe cooking throughout Thanksgiving and other holidays.

Tips for Preventing Thanksgiving Fires

The following are some tips that homeowners can take to stay safe and prevent potential fires over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Stay in the Kitchen When Using the Stove

If cooking with the stovetop, it’s always best to stay in the kitchen to ensure that nothing goes wrong. An unattended stove could result in spillage and splashing, along with potential fires.

Make Sure Children Aren’t Near the Stove When Cooking

Protect children and prevent mishandling of items on the stove by keeping children away from the stovetop. Children should remain at least three feet away from the stove at all times to avoid burns and other types of injuries.

Remain in the Home When Cooking

Whenever cooking a turkey or other meal in the oven, stay in the home and keep an eye on it. Even if a meal takes a long time to cook and a quick drive to the store for additional items seems doable, that brief moment of negligence could enable a potentially deadly fire to break out and spread.

Keep Electric Supplies Out of Reach of Children

All electric cords should be safely kept away from children. Make sure no cords are dangling off of countertops or other surfaces where a child may be able to reach and grab them.

Be Careful with Candles

Candles may also be lit to set the mood in the evenings on Thanksgiving. Children should never be left alone in a room with a lit candle. Lighters and matches should also be kept out of reach.

Test Smoke Detectors

Homeowners can also test smoke alarms to ensure they’re in working order, and replace batteries if needed.

With these tips in mind, homeowners will be able to keep themselves and their loved ones safe throughout Thanksgiving.